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Saturday, July 24th, 2004
12:04 am - holy shit she updates
just a WIP list, mind you:

Sitcom Chic - sleeves done, body maybe 20%
King-sized Homespun afghan - on the fourth skein out of eight or ten, depending, it's knit in the inc-k dishcloth pattern, and I'm still increasing, so I'd say about 35%. it IS great drunk knitting, tho.
Regia blue stripe socks - on the heel of the second sock, finally
Elann sock yarn pink socks - just barely on the foot of the first sock
Chinese Waves dishcloth #1 for bro and sil - this is a *really cool* pattern, it looks much better than the pic, and should be perfectly suited for all kitchen knitting needs. BUT, it really hurts my hands. I want to knit two of these in the next week, we'll see if that happens. I manage three rows before I have to put it down.
The drop-stitch scarf - stalled.
The SG 74 2x2rib hat - stalled.

The necessary stash reduction sale - needs to be done and SOON.

I do have an FO - I knit an Eros ruffle scarf for a good friend of mine in two days last week. I hated it, but the end product was so nice. I have decided that I can knit one Eros scarf a year. That is my frustration limit.

Pics would be pretty boring, lots of st st, sock st st, and Homespun in garter stitch. Both pairs of socks are looking cool, tho.

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Friday, June 4th, 2004
1:12 pm - how the hell
do people manage to post in knitting blogs so frequently? do they do nothing but knit? what is it? i guess i just don't feel like knitting every day, and don't have enough money to afford the kind of yarn i want to knit with, but the latter is not entirely true because i have twenty skeins of kureyon 80 just waiting in one of the stash bins for me to do something with it.

but in this kind of weather, if i'm going to knit with wool, it's going to be for socks. i'm on the second sock of a pair of purple magic stripes for me, and still the first of the regia pair. serious fucking sock binge. i am knitting the magic stripes on 3s and now i'm thinking even a gauge of about 7st is too loose for this yarn. the 6st socks i made got too fuzzy imo after only one wash. i think it's interesting the way the swatches on lion's site have changed, the earlier magic stripe swatches were knit more to ball-band gauge, the new ones look like 8st/in. hmmm.

i went to my "local" hobby lobby the other day and found none of the new colors, sigh. i may not be happy with the yarn yet, but i'm willing to keep trying because it's so goddamned cheap.

speaking of cheap, the last time i bought yarn was turning in my bday gift certificate from felicia at HCW for a skein of worsted mountain colors my mom picked out. before that, i don't remember when, it's been that long. i was going to use it to cover the top of my cap but time ran out on that. it's got short repeats so i really don't know what to do with it yet. wonderful hand, though.

using the original multidirectional scarf for dishtowels actually works out pretty well. there's one distinct triangle which is good for doing a quick wipe of the hands after handling anything in the kitchen and rinsing the hands, and then if you do another full repeat and the original decrease/ending to the scarf, the rest of the towel is one biased piece. works for me, anyway. although those long rows in the middle are nearly interminable in cotton.

blah blah blah i shall get back to my current mindless project.

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Monday, April 19th, 2004
11:50 pm - history repeating...
i hate it when i repeat myself. but here's an entry from august 2003:

homespun hoody - williamsburg (eek) homespun, size 10 24", ... oh lordy no no no...this crap is becoming an afghan. i tried to knit it, really i did, but the binding thread kept pissing me off and that was not helped by the three (three) skeins i tried working with being GLUED to the ball band in various place. no ma'am, afghan will this yarn be. yummy soft garter afghan, but still. grrr.

you'd think i'd have learned from my mistakes, but like bush i guess i haven't. last month and earlier this month i had worked up the full back, front, and most of the two sleeves on 3xchic. i had detangled the pile:

start pic onslaughtCollapse )

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Friday, March 26th, 2004
2:35 pm - big ole pile of homespun
time to take charge! i've got a huge tangled pile of homespun on the couch with me. somewhere in there is the completed back, the front with only neck shaping on one side left, one bit of sleeve, and one large part of sleeve with a fucked-up rib in the middle of it (gee whiz, about four inches in i started knitting one of the p2s one stitch off. then i proceeded to knit another foot of sleeve like a moron. what did we learn today? periodically examine your work. sigh.)

i sat down with this pile a few weeks ago rearing to go until i saw the fuckup and promptly dumped the pile back in my bedroom for awhile. now, it's time!

i've also got a cheap-but-decent bottle of wine, some smokes, and cable. this is going to work.

the plan - drop the three stitches down and fix the rib (eek, fixing stitches in homespun, i'm a trooper). finish the front, then finish the sleeves. i want to try to finish the knitting tonight but i doubt that will happen. we'll see. as much as i loathe knitting this stuff, the dishtowels i've been making lately are killing my hands so this is almost a welcome respite. (the local joann fabrics now has huge 12 oz balls of bernat handicrafter for $6.99. what a deal. matching dishtowels. woohoo.) at this point i don't really care what the sweater will look like, i just feel the need to get this done and seamed and then MOVE ON to the more interesting garments i've got the yarn stashed away for.

i'm also making decent progress on regia socks for me finally, yay!

given my current financial situation, this will be the summer of the stash. i could knit from stash until the end of the year probably, which is frightening but i'm ok with it :P

let the crochet hook and turbo clacking commence!

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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
7:11 am - january 14th - march 3rd = dead zone!
or is that the stress zone?

*blows off layers of dust* oh poor neglected knitting blog i miss you so. i've been meaning to blog but school is always in the way. of everything. but that's a post for the other blog.

i have been knitting this semester, but not a whole lot (given my constant stress levels, methinks i should be knitting far more often). i have a big pile of random impulsive projects laying unfinished in the basket - one silk garden 74 glove with four fingers but no thumb, another one with one finger, an inch or so of matching 2x2 ribby hat, half a lang polar hat, a few rows of bartlett rogue swatch (needle issues), half a regia sock, 3/4 a trampoline stretch sock, 3/4 second magic stripe sock, and if i would ever finish these 3xchic sleeves and the neckline i'd actually have a sweater. oh, and a pile of tangled bernat denim and white fun fur that matches up quite nicely but won't tell me what it wants to be.


i have finished three hats, the reynolds blizzard hat from the latest VK (which had errors in the pattern and looks like a big red nipple on my head, but it's sooooo soft), plus a silk garden beanie in color 82 and a lp ribbed-brim hat in firey red, which went to my bro and sis-in-law as thank you's for hosting our huge crazy family for xmas.

but i'm not motivated to finish any of the others...i keep gawking at the purply mustard koigu on the shelf...but three in-progress socks is two too many already.

is it a slump? is my knitting bossing me around? (oh yeah.) and a seasonal slump, perhaps...i so enjoy knitting with wool now (and am beginning to loathe homespun, i may never knit with that stuff again, which means 12 more skeins to unload i guess) and here it is 68 degrees and balmy. the not-so-hot season is definitely over in texas, but it's not hot enough to blast the AC which makes wool knitting possible in spring/summertime. rogue...cabled cardis...wool. sigh.

the one project i am finding intriguing, actually, is the log cabin squares on the masondixon blog. whether dishcloth or afghan, i think i need to try one of those soon.

but first i want this mess of homespun out of sight. listing my crazy number of UFOs makes me feel better. if i finish the 3xchic, i would be able to see into my knitting basket again!

i even have pictures of xmas knits and the FO hats, but any impulse to geek or blog is quickly overtaken by the urge to play online cribbage. what a fun game i have no time for.

ok idea. friday. amy's pizza. sixer. the five episodes of sopranos i'm behind on. homespun sleeve hell. sounds like a plan.

this is what happens when i knitblog with no sleep.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
4:29 pm - wooooooooooolspun
woohoo! got the remaining woolspun needed for the cabled cardi today and BONUS, it's the same dye lot. i was hoping there would be a good chance of this happening based on lion brand's volume of production, and it happened! hooray!

almost done with the front of 3xchic, i seem to binge on knitting every other day, then put it aside for a day. of course, that means today's a knitting day, and i have plenty to do! some finishing, a new creation to make, many stitches to pick up on a coronet hat for my niece (the cable went much faster the second time around, i really like this pattern artichaut!) and then hopefully finish the front! pics later mebbe, you know how that goes.

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Saturday, January 10th, 2004
6:01 pm - ok real beginning of yarn diet
couldn't pass up 9 skeins of navy woolspun on ebay, now i have enough of it to make #16 in the winter 2003 VK - the thick&thin cabled cardi! and for about half what it would cost if i used the yarn called for or other thick and thin yarns currently on the market. woohoooooo! i've had some decent interest in stuff on knitswap which will cover this, though no one wants to buy the quilting mags i've got up on ebay. oh well. i think i will make this sweater after i finish and presumably learn from the 2004 sweater.

i'm on the front of that one now. i'm having a bit of trouble with gauge, in that i have little gaps between every two rows, which i think is cuz my purls are tighter than my knits or vice versa. there was a recent post on kl about this with continental knitting. i need to find that post again, but it's not making much of a difference on the RS. i assume it means the sweater will probably be longer, but that's ok.

i still haven't set up the knitting blogs button, i haven't been in a very techy mood lately. oh well, will have to sign up for that again when i figure that stuff out.

maybe i can finish the front tonight!

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
2:09 pm - back from the dead...
so yeah i haven't posted here in over a month, jeez. i was considering moving to typepad or movable type, but instead used my code coupon for paid time here. i'd been updating knitting stuff over in the other blog, but i'm gonna stick with this place for now.

of course, i have just given up on the style customization system making any sense today, and couldn't figure out how to add any ring links and the like. evidently you can't do this with the new component style (or i just couldn't figure it out in any case), which sucks cuz i really wanted to use it!

so instead i bring you pics!Collapse )

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
7:48 am - relief and progress
relief! my mom has suggested our family do a gift exchange instead of individual gifts for all the "old" people, which means i only have to knit one prezzie for my siblings! this is wonderful. so instead of ~10 gifts, i only have to make one. i had to rip out three hats last week (mom ripped them out thank allah) because they were way too big.

so now it's just one gift, mom's gift, and niece and nephew gifts (and friend gifts.) much better.

progress and i have made progress on all these but have no pics as i have a final test in three hours. aiiieee!

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
2:02 am - darn agassi
what a match. gave me a great excuse to knit more!

pics!Collapse )

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Monday, November 10th, 2003
3:06 pm - i am joanna's rank indecision
yeah so ok, the fight club crap continues.

ok. two things. first, after i send this post and do yet more laundry, i think i'm going to take advantage of this [second] pot of coffee and try the chenille once again. i am going to give myself two hours and see how it turns out. if it works ok, then i will stick with the idea. if not, gotta find something else to knit for the girls.

second, i just had a beautiful idea for my niece's prezzie - i was going to knit her a hat in baby blue cotton chenille, but i still haven't decided what kind of hat to make etc. so before i do that, i'm going to swatch the chenille with some bluuuuuuuuue bernat boa and see if it might look good lengthwise. if so, problem solved there! i could also spice it up with some worsted weight navy or leftover wet&q. hmmmm!

full of ideas. i think it's pretty obvious what i want to do this afternoon, and it's not work on my taste of cherry paper or my grad school personal statement.

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12:54 pm - well sheet
i didn't knit much last week and spent my only real knitting time, saturday evening, finishing a sock and knitting up some noro goodies for moi :P (1 ball of silk garden multi-directional scarf, biiiig kureyon 80 swatch).

so now i'm looking over my xmas recipient list again and CRAP! i need to get back on those! i think i'm going to have to go with the chenille and just knit really tight and let it be, because those would go quick and i just won't have time to knit, let alone conceive, larger projects. i also have an ambitious idea for a scarf for my niece but a) it would take longer than the original gift idea and b) it would require using some stashed yarn that i have other plans for ;) so we'll have to see about that.

i've got knitting time budgeted in this week thanks to the atp championships tv coverage (wish i could be there in houston, *sigh*) but otherwise i have to focus on school and grad school apps. meh.

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
9:05 am - that's it!
meh. i just do NOT want to work with chenille t&q anymore. i can't see to keep a good gauge with it, and i don't know how the long scarf i made from it earlier this year turned out so ok when these other things i'm making from it aren't (maybe i just haven't scrutinized the scarf so much yet ;) ). it's a pain in the ass to work with. i don't like it. bitch bitch bitch.

problem is i have a bunch of skeins of this crud. maybe i have enough for an afghan for me, the rest goes out the door, and hopefully i can get my hands on enough furlana or similar soft material for different gifts for those who were getting chenille stuff. or maybe it all should go out the door. blech.

silly me, i thought the meetup/s&b/whatever was today. oopth.

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Monday, November 3rd, 2003
10:51 pm - saga...i need a saga
ok i need to get back to work real.soon.now.

i got an email from da bears - the sock yarn i wanted is still backed up and that was the reason for the lack of communique. the lack of the second one, anyway. this order (3sk kureyon 90, 2sk of $17 sock yarn) was a TOTAL impulse buy anyway, so i asked to cancel it. *shrug* i can be fickle (surprise). no harm no foul, i will probably order from them someday (i.e., once i knit the um ten balls of sock yarn i already have, ummm), but the initial exciting rush i usually get from impulse buys had completely dissipated, so...

so instead i got a far better deal for myself by picking up this ebay deal which is another kureyon color i want to try (and i have a better idea of how this one knits up anyway). there is no way i will use all 10 skeins so if the locals don't want any, i could probably put up the difference on ebay and at least make my money back since there are always bids on noro for more than retail (nutters). yep, another impulse buy, BUT for more yarn and less money! :P i'm still making meself some kureyon gloves, dammit!! i'm happy.

i've been making it a habit of checking the newly-listed noro items on ebay in the late evening lately, and it seems that's the only time to get the $5/sk buy-it-now deals. fwiw.

obviously the colors make it all the rage, but i also found that the tiny bit of silk garden i knitted up over the weekend had a *wonderful* hand to it (surprise). oh, yarn.


the bartlett knits up at the same to a similar gauge i was getting on the cotton/silk aran (5" on the cable pattern on 9s instead of 8s), but that could be a good thing - more proportional pattern alteration. i'll probably need close to 50" size to make this a jacket, which also means i could run out of yarn for it. i'm not too worried - how hard is it to match a "natural" dyelot? well, not too hard i hope!

this yarn smells sheepy. it's an odd, yet comforting smell.

and cabling without a needle is waaaaaaaaaay faster. just gotta get over the pesky fear of dropping a stitch in the middle of an intricate cable...

however, those *eight* rows did make my arm hurt something fierce. it's been all stiff and such since last tuesday when i marathon knit during my screening. not good. not good at all.


reward - quick-linked pics! remember, most of my xmas gifts are for men, so these items are for utility, not fashion.



most boring knitting pic ever - unfelted size 11 fuzzy feet

blocked and unblocked dna mohair scarves

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Thursday, October 30th, 2003
8:13 pm - wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!
kfh? DONE. well, i still need to weave in ends and print out care/blocking instructions, but no more stitches!!!!!

my arm is fucking killing me, though. i hope it abates tomorrow so i can keep on keeping on with xmas. or else i might actually have to go out somewhere for halloween?? (i'm not a halloween person.)

pics later, i swear!

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3:16 pm - *cabbage patch*
ok i think this decision had been in the works since i made the swatch for the debbie bliss cardigan and it was crying out as too heavy in cotton/silk...

so thank you vintage knits and knitswap because now i have almost 2000 yds of bartlett 2-ply lined up for this for around $30, which should be enough yarn to make that cardi to fit my boobages. this is the FIRST thing i'm going to work on once xmas knits are done (although i have a feeling i will swatch the yarn when it arrives... ;) but i will not cast on. :P )

i also bid on some furlana for
the two people with "what to make?" question marks on my list.

i was thinking about it last night, and i [already] have yarn in my so-called stash that i know either isn't a good color for me (like that cotton-ease sugar plum) or that i won't knit for a long, long time. so once xmas knits are done, i hope to pare down the yarn shelves.

if anyone wants to buy a bunch of sugar plum cotton-ease (somewhere between 8 and 11 skeins, i'd have to go look) for $3/ball, let me know.

now, time to ignore homework and put the finishing touches on kfh so i can send it out tomorrow!!

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
12:32 am - knitting pain, new books
four hours of knitting = ow. actually the first two hours didn't hurt at all (kfh), but the second two did (xmas hat in the ungodly uncomfortable screening room chairs. upside: 2/3 of my weekly screenings don't require notetaking. downside? the most uncomfortable, high-armrested chairs for knitting EVER. maybe next week i'll start bringing a support pillow and get all yogaknitty on the floor. maybe that'll weird 'em out. as if my older student status, already-frequent knitting and eager class participation wasn't enough.) it's a wonder i'm still typing, but there's a reason why i maintain that the 12" G4 has the best.keyboard.ever.

kfh will be done this week i am proud to say. i need to send an email.

all this and i still haven't cracked the spine of the purl stitch yet, but debbie stoller is wowing me. her book is going to be extreeeeeemely popular. i must read more BUST. insert rhyme here.

in spite of the friday wine&twine-turned-wine&girltalk, i can tick off another set of FF. when i'm done with xmas knitting, i will probably be so bored with knitting in the round that some kind of outrageously complicated sweater will be flying off the needles. probably.

got the "how i got the knitting bug" post right here on the tips of the fingers, but expended all the writing energy on the other blog tonight (no, really). i feel bad, this journal gets neglected for that space most of the time, with only piddly, boring updates here. i've been considering a move to typepad for this stuff, but as with anything i do these days, we'll see, won't we?

at least y'all have my "women, media, and culture" final project to look forward to ;) tentative topics - representation of traditional gender ideologies in knitting magazines, the hegemonic gendering of knitting in general(thanks debbie for the verbiage on this one), perhaps craft vs. art (historical+semiotic analysis). if time permits i want to see if i can make this one CFP-worthy. i love media studies, so flexible.

current mood: tired. fuck!

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Friday, October 24th, 2003
9:15 am - i am jane's sly compromise
yeah i know those fight club signifiers are two-year-old hat, bite me, i just finished the book a few hours ago. and it made much more sense than the first viewing, that's fo sho.

so i compromised. $100+ on yarn for a sweater seems out-fucking-rageous, even for noro, so instead i ordered a few skeins from threadbearfiberarts for a matching hat and mittens set (or gloves, or glittens, whatever).

and if you think that's all i ordered you are even more deluded than me.

yeah, i also ordered that new booga j bag in this color, and the hat pattern i mentioned earlier. ok...and some sock yarn.

once i knit a whole sweater (and if i like using the kureyon 90) maybe then i'll embark on a full ebay purchase. but portable projects are the ones i have more opportunity to knit on anyway... plus i'm so add to begin with.

mmm rationalizing! but now i have some mail to look forward to while i slog through kfh and xmas gifts. :P

i feel like might be prolific here today...so you've been warned. ;)

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8:08 am
the first step is admitting that you are powerless over yarn.


but mmm $120 = $6/ball = 30% discount...grrr. perhaps i will just have to wait to jump on some buy-it-nows...


the second step is that you don't talk about fight club.

or something.

i am jane's irrepressible temptation!!

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Thursday, October 9th, 2003
11:56 pm - knitting faster
i need to learn how to knit faster. 2 down, 24 to go. again, eek. i will be knitting for hours tomorrow night. and it won't be on my currently-orphaned socks.

of course the fun question is - which one to work on next? ;)

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